Insurance Agencies

Effective July 1, 2012 California implemented legislation SB946  Click Here to View mandating that health insurance providers cover ABA therapy for individuals with a diagnosis of Autism or PDD.  Autism Interventions and Resources, Inc. is currently an in-network provider with the following insurance companies and insurance networks:

Hope is in the AIR

Our affiliate Insurance Companies

California Regional Centers

Each of the 21 Regional Centers throughout the State of California are contracted with the Department of Developmental Services to coordinate services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities.  AIR is currently vendored with the following regional centers to provide ABA services:

California Department of Education

Autism Interventions and Resources, Inc. is a Non-Public agency (NPA # 1A-30-121) contracted through the California Department of Education. This allows AIR to enter into a master contract with any California School District to provide ABA services. Currently AIR holds many of these contracts various school districts within California and provides educational based programs within both the home and school settings. Please contact us or discuss our services with your district if you are interested in our involvement within your IEP.


Private Paying Individuals and Families

AIR works with families who fund their programs privately.